Be Understood, 
Every Time

Audrey is a smart personal assistant app that helps you to get things done through voice or text. It reinvents how people interact with artificial intelligence by allowing you to teach it instead of guessing what it'll understand.


Request your favorite services through voice or text with Audrey without swiping through a sea of apps.

Learns from you.
Smarter Every day.

Whenever Audrey does not understand your request, you can teach it so that it can understand you the next time.


The community is actively training Audrey every day. Never be left guessing what Audrey could understand by exploring the library.


Set your routines with Audrey, such as getting an Uber every morning. Audrey can automatically request a ride for you every day.

Audrey made a
lot of friends

Connect Audrey with services that are made available on the app. Audrey is always actively adding new integration.

Some of the apps that works with Audrey:

How Does It Work?

Find out what Audrey can do for you to make your life better!


Request services with your voice or text from the app or from the custom keyboard.


Whenever Audrey does not understand the request, you are able to train it directly in just a few taps.


Every training card submitted by the user will be available for voting. The most voted card will be what Audrey learns.


After a training card has been accepted by Audrey, Audrey will learn that phrase and will know how to respond to it next time.

Powered by the community

Audrey's intelligence is powered by the people who used the app. The more people who use the app and train it, the smarter it gets. So, Audrey gets smarter every time you enter the app.

Audrey's Super power


Request services via speech without typing. If your hands are busy, just say "Hey Audrey" and make your request.

Custom Keyboard

Access Audrey from anywhere on your phone via the custom keyboard so that you'll never need to stop what you're doing.


Schedule routine and organize it within the app. Audrey will make those requests according to your set preferences.


Whenever you're in a situation where you're unable to use voice to request services, the custom keyboard is ready for you.


Browse phrases that have been selected by the community so that you'll never left guessing what Audrey understands.

Small Talk

Whenever you want to burn some time, you can have a simple conversation with Audrey.

What people say?

Join hundreds of people who already believed in Audrey


“I have just found Audrey, and after reading the information I found I cannot wait to have it! After using other personal assistant / AI programs, I think this sounds like a great one.”


The students are always talking about what they can do with their chrome books. I begin to wonder if they could teach an artificial intelligence and train them. In return, she'd be smarter too. Im excited to see how Audrey will advance in the future.

Dean R.

"I've been perplexed as to why other assistants don't ask when they don't understand. What you've got here could end years of frustration. I'm very excited to see Audrey!"

Who will you create?

Audrey will be available on both iOS & Android after beta. Reserve your spot today to test Audrey when we hit beta and start training Audrey early!